I admit it. I messed up. I over-trained.

I have ran every week except for one since August 2nd, 2010 withou rest. I was running in a race every month and I was currently was training for Rothrock – a very technical 18 mile trail race. On Memorial Day, I could not walk without limping and my knees ached. The two weeks before Memorial Day weekend I had an aggressive training schedule with the last week I ran every day except one. On Memorial Day weekend I had two runs on the Mid-State Trail and I could already feel my legs and knees ache as I traversed and slipped on the rocks along the trail. After Memorial Day I tried to run twice but even after short runs, my knees were not happy at all. After getting checked out by a PT friend, she concluded that I have a low grade hamstring tear. I was heartbroken.

Of course, I did not run at Rothrock and I haven’t ran (except for the two attempts) since the day before Memorial Day. I took this week off and I am taking it one day at a time. All the pain and soreness is gone and I am thinking of starting up again next Tuesday.

Does anyone have any plans or advice? I usually run a four-week cycle starting at around 18 to 20 miles a week on week one to about 30 to 35 miles a week by week four. Any other exercises and stretches I should consider? Should I reconsider and take another week off? (I hope not. I am itching to run again.) Before the injury, I was going to do the July 4th 15k. Should I skip that? Any insight or experiences would be very helpful.