Run with the Deer Flies 15k Race Report:

I had a great time at Run with the Deer Flies 15k/25k. I am recovering from
runners knee and a hamstring pull on Memorial Day weekend. I have been running
about 45 second to a minute slower per mile since so I decided to just run for

The run starts at a Boy Scout Camp and goes around Yellow Creek State Park. It
is a small local trail race with about 150 runners but I did talk to some as far
as Pittsburgh and Maryland.

I started mid-field and stuck with the pack. The first quarter mile is a dirt
road and then we made a sharp turn and uphill onto singletrack. It was a small
climb up a hill then onto a grassy pipeline. Here we went up the pipeline and
down the other side. Then the real fun began! Singletrack! We went on some great
trails, up and down hills, twisting and turning. I was having a blast! Yellow
Creek had a lot of rain over the last three days. In fact, I wish I wore my more
aggressive trail shoes. I sent them back to the manufacturer this past week.

Halfway came the challenging section, it is a new section that was added this
year. Previously I been told we would have taken a dirt road to a water tower
but this year they added more singletrack. This was a very rocky section, people
were falling everywhere. Also right after this section something bit/stung me –
a deerfly or a bee. Me and about 10 other people got hit. In this section I
noticed that the pack thinned out. I was in a small group, one in front and
three others behind me. Finally we made it to the water tank and turned around,
bypassing the rocks and headed back to the camp. Here about mile 5 I was all
alone. I noticed my knees felt fine and I keeped pressing ahead. My GPS lost
signal for about mile so I was assuming I had a lot more to go but suddenly I
found myself at the finish! Result: I was surprised to find I finished 10th
overall and first in my age group 30-39. 1h 34m 38s.