Thanks to LaSportiva! I purchased a pair of LaSportiva Crosslites in April. After some about 90 miles I noticed the mesh on the the outside of my left shoe near the toe starting to rip.


Then after a few more dozen mile, the mesh started to rip on the right side. Again it was near the toe but the rip was closer to the sole.

Of course, I contacted LaSportiva. I suggested that they improve the design to allow for more protection near the toe against sharp rocks and sticks, etc. They were not only apprecitative but offered to replace my shoes for free. I know that nowadays margins are tight and everyone is making the most of what little they got. So that is why I am so appreciative with the customer service with LaSportiva!

Cheers to you!

I did however, took an extra step and reinforced my shoes with some added black silicone on the outside of each shoe. Here is a pic:


I will be sure to keep you informed.

– Ben