It was time to retire my short distance speed shoes, my Brooks Ghost 3’s. They were a fast shoe but they always seem to bog down in the around mile 6 of a run. A pair of heel pads fixed that. However, when it felt like my feet started to slam the pavement and my mile went over 490 miles, it was time to buy. After trying out shoes for a few weeks, I settled on the Saucony ProGrid Ride 4.

First thoughts: It is a soft shoe and feels very plush with a wide toe box for my toes to move. Personally I like the toe-off. It feels like my feet are on rails, keeping my feet straight at liftoff which is great since my right foot is rather loose. It is also a fast shoe and noticed faster tempos in just two short runs and should be good for short to medium distances. Better yet, I had a nagging problem with soreness in my right hip during the end and after my run. After running with these shoes, the pain is gone. Perhaps I waited too long to replace my Brooks?