Next weekend, in a forest outside of Baltimore, 10,000 people will be running as fast as they can in order to stay alive. Those who aren’t fit enough to handle obstacles like chain-link fences, muddy streams or tunnels of sewage pipes will be attacked by the hundreds of flesh-starved zombies that lurk in the woods, waiting for their human prey. This may sound like the premise of the horror film you’re planning to watch on Halloween, but it’s also the idea behind the first-ever Run for Your Lives 5K. The only things this event has in common with the many other road races taking place this month are that participants will wear a bib with their number on it and a chip to record their finish time. They’ll also wear a red tag (like the kind you see in flag football), and they’ll be chased by volunteer “zombies” who will have the torn clothing, bloody faces and hungry eyes of the undead. Once a zombie catches the flag of a runner, that participant is out of the race–but they’ll still be able to attend the after-party with survivors, musicians and other entertainers, and zombies (I assume beer will act as an antidote).