After some setbacks with my bronchitis and Illuxcon, I am back to running at full strength and then some. I am increasing my mileage as I train for the Nittany Valley Half Marathon. My usual schedule is as such, Monday is cruise and pace interval training at around 8 miles, Tuesday is an easy 4 miler, another 8 mile to 10 mile cruise or pace interval, Thursday is a rest day, 4 miles on Friday and a long run on Saturday. Sunday is a lactic burn off day and hopefully a day I can get to the gym.
So far so good though I have been very sore after my long runs. On the week of October 31st, I finished the week with 47 miles total. My long run was from Canal Basin, up Scotch Valley, hopping over to Brush Run, then to Sylvan Heights then off-road to the very top of Brush Mountain radio towers and then back down via Sylvan Drive, to the YMCA and finishing at Veterans Park. It was a total of over 15 miles.
The following week I finished at 54 miles. The long run was just over twenty miles as I went through Duncansville, over the top of Maple Hollow, back down Carson and back through Duncansville and Hollidaysburg. That morning I was split over trail running or doing for a super long run. With the nice weather, Saturday hunting, etc. led me to the decision to go for a record long run. Also if something went wrong, it would allow me time to recover before the race on the first week of December.

20-mile run:

The Perfect Run
I had a chance to run “The Perfect Run”. It was Wednesday. Because of work and a running schedule that was interrupted with an unexpected meeting the night before, I had to combine training runs. I decided to do the distance but not the intervals. It was already dark and since I needed to do at least 8 miles, it would to be too boring to run around town. So I strapped on my headlamp and embarked into the night. It was a warn night for this time of year at around the mid-50’s and a full moon to light the way. I did the loop up Scotch Valley, up Brush Mountain, the cut across the top at Hickory Hill, Woodland Terrace and then down into town. I am not sure if it was because I felt strong, the nice temperatures, moonlit night or the heightened senses from running at night, but it was a perfect run. Here is the map and stats of that run.