As I take a rest day from running and enjoy a Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale, (BTW: Thank you, Pat Wilshire for hooking me up with Illuxcon leftovers) I can not help to notice the funky artwork on the bottle. Flying Dog, based in Fredrick, Maryland has always had some interesting artwork for their beer labels. Check out their beers here. It made me wonder what other beers are out there with some great labeling. Also, since I have been blogging so much about running lately, it is about time I take note of some the interesting things going on in the beer world. Cheers!

Best Beer Labels: It turns out that I am not the only one asking myself about beer labels. It seems that there is a graphic designer in Switzerland that was asking himself the same thing. Sadly, these beers are only available in Europe. Perhaps I will should do some research of my own at the Brew Zoo? 20 Great Beer Labels.

Text Message Alert: There is beer here!

Pearl Jam Faithfull Ale: Speaking of Brew Zoo, as I write this, Jack, a colleague at work just texted me a picture from the Brew Zoo of a case of Dogfish Head Pearl Jam Faithfull. Nothing gets Jack all aroused than Dogfish Head. I am not sure what his thoughts are on Pearl Jam however. Nevertheless, here is the description from Dogfish Head’s web site:

Faithfull Ale is a celebration of Pearl Jam’s 20th anniversary as a band and its extraordinary debut album, “Ten.” In recognition of these milestones, this Belgian-style golden ale is delicately hopped to 20 IBUs and fruit-forward from 10 incremental additions of black currants over a one-hour boil. Faithfull clocks in at 7% ABV.

I wonder if I should call Matt Umbleby at the Brew Zoo and ask if Jack is on the floor spooning the case.

Wine Rack aka Beer Boobs: …and speaking of Matt Umbleby, he said he is pounding himself in the face for not thinking of this idea himself. Granted, it is the best idea since Frank’s ‘Wine in a Can’. The Wine Rack Bra is literally a sports bra that you can fill with your favorite beverage… in fact, A LOT of your favorite beverage, 750 ml worth! That is more than 3 bottles of wine. Here is blog post from Guest of a Guest New York. There is a great pic of a “before and after” of a woman that looks so sad after drinking all the wine.

Beer Vending Machine at Work: Trying to motivate your employees? Forget the free messages and taco parties. How about a Beer Vending Machine at Work? Arnold Worldwide, an ad agency based in Boston, has done just that! The machine not only dispenses brews but offers an “education” with its “Alepedia”.

‘Beers’ to Your Health: Here is a recent article that appeared in Huffington Post about recent claims that beer (in moderation, of course) is just as good as wine. Check it out and read it for yourself. I am surprised that this article doesn’t mention the fact that hops is very good toward prostate health. While researching some links about hops and prostate cancer, I came across this: BREWVEMBER: Beers for Prostate Cancer Awareness. Initiated by Men’s Health Magazine and Fegley’s Brew Works and the Brooklyn Brew Shop not only are there health benefits in the beer but the social activity of enjoying a brew with friends can increase awareness. From the blog:

Simply put, beer’s the best way we’ve found for guys to build a bond with their brothers, uncles, fathers, and friends. These are the guys you need to talk to about prostate cancer. And these are the guys you’ll need to help out (or need help from) if cancer does crop up. I know: prostate cancer’s a pain in the ass. But you can’t ignore it.

That’s what Brewvember is all about. Sharing the perfect pint, embarking on a road trip to that out-of-the-way brewery, or launching a homebrew project together: these are all great ways to break the ice about this difficult-to-discuss disease, and to build a bond that lasts for years.

Besides, what is better: Having a beer with a friend – or – growing that awkward and/or creepy looking mustache? Take that John Clay!

Pubcakes: A shout out to my friend Pam Hirneisan on the west coast for finding this: Pubcakes: A Cupcake Boutique Made from Beer.     It is in San Diego. As I discuss this with co-workers here in the office, it seems like Altoona also HAD a similar shop called “BoozeCakes”. Why wasn’t I informed?

Beer of the Month: I like to name a favorite beer of the month. As it gets colder, I start drinking more heavy, winter beers. This month I am split between two. San Francisco’s 21st Amendment Fireside Chat, which is a English-style ale with spices; and Smuttynose Winter Ale, a great tasting amber with Trappist ale yeast like a Belgian Abbey Double. Both are available on draft at Shan Nicoles.

He’Brews Eight Crazy Beers: The holidays are approaching and many brewers are coming out with their Christmas beers.  But what about Chanukah? Never fear because Schmultz Brewing is coming out with a special holiday case for their He’brew Beers. In the holiday case you get eight different beers, a special glass and instructions on how to turn those empty bottles into a menorah! L’Chaim!

He'Brews Holiday Case

He'Brews Holiday Case