I decided to do something new and different this year. Instead of spending my time training for one or two long races, I wanted to run do more shorter races. All 50Ks in the spring, tehn return to Manitou in the summer and spend more time on exploring and weekend adventures in between. I also wanted to start the season earlier. So my plan evolved as such…

Tuscarora 50K – March
Hyner Challenge 50k – April
Glacier Ridge 50K – May
Worlds End 50K – June

The finale would be a return to Manitou in middle June.

One of the “fun runs.” Here I am with the Central PA Trail FrEINDS at Rothrock State Forest.

It turned out to be another great winter weather for running. We never had a lot of snow and it didn’t get very cold for much of the winter. Things were going very well, embarking on plenty running adventures.
I finished two sections of the Mid-State Trail from Route 45 at Hairy John to Route 192 and from Hills Creek State Park to Cowanesque Lake. I knocked off more sections of the Standing Stone Trail from Loysburg to Everett and Cowans Gap to Three Spring and thus completing the entire trail.

I fell about 250 yards from where this pic was shot. As you can see, the trail is covered with leaves.

After completing the Standing Stone Trail and realizing all the weight I gained from the Fall and Winter, I cut down my calorie intake and increase my running. Everything was going well (losing more that 20 pounds) until one day back in early March I was running the possible new course for the Call of the Wilds, which was dialed back from a long marathon to a 25K. I was going along a mountain above Waterville on the Tiadagahton Trail when I toed a rock hidden in the leaves and I fell fast and hard. A pointed rock slams into my left quad. Though painful at first, I got up, shook myself off and continued on. I was okay for about 5 or so miles as the trail climbed over plateau and then we descended again down into Pine Creek Valley. As we took an old carriage road up the valley and our pace began to increase up a gradual slope, my leg pain slowly set in. I was in a lot of pain afterwards and took a week off.


Eastern States Preview Run Group Shot

The following week I ran with some friends doing an Eastern States preview from the start at Little Pine State Park to Browns Run at mile 24. At mile 12 or so my leg was giving me problems and I bailed at mile 18. It also didn’t help that my shoe literally fell apart half way in the run.

I had to take more time off afterward. A lot of time. It turned out that my quad would give me problems into the Spring. On March 25, several friend and I embarked on the Tuscarora 50K.




My shoes are falling apart!